Masters of Height Safety for Butler College Stage 2

Butler College

Future rooftop maintenance at Butler College will be a much safer task thanks to the expertise of Safemaster Safety Products. For the Butler College Stage 2 project,
Safemaster was contracted by Perkins Builders to manufacture, install and certify the roof safety access system.

This system included rooftop elevated walkways with handrails, static lines, step ladders, access hatches and safety anchor points. The system is installed permanently for future trained maintenance workers to conduct works at height in a safe manner.

The $53 million stage 1 of Butler College was completed in early 2013, with stage 2 expansion in 2015. Included in the stage 2 was a two storey Year 7 & 9 Learning Block and Senior School Learning Block, an extension to the existing Sports Hall and minor works to the existing stage 1 learning areas.

The Stage 2 development also incorporates additional hard courts, all landscaping works, provisions for future transportable classrooms, a hockey pitch and new car parking. At completion of the project, Butler College will accommodate a community of over 1,500 students comprised of year 7-12 mainstream as well as high needs education support students.

Butler College

Safemaster’s Adaptability & Knowledge Delivers Tailored Solutions

Commenting on the project, operations manager of Safemaster David Bell describes, “as with any project, you are handed a basic set of drawings but the final construction never looks the same.”

Butler College Stage 2 was no exception and called upon the Safemaster team to demonstrate their unique capacity to respond to a project’s evolving requirements. Safemaster was able to adapt accordingly as the project progressed, as well as custom build some items to suit the client’s needs.

Safemaster has the capacity to offer a huge range of cost efficient off-the-shelf height safety products, although ‘adaptability’ sets Safemaster apart from its competitors.

Unlike other safety companies, Safemaster has its own local manufacturing facilities and in-house engineer for the time-saving production of tailored solutions with the ability to react, design and manufacture at short notice.

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