Confined Space Equipment

Confined spaces pose significant dangers due to the fact that an enclosed or partially enclosed space is typically not designed as a workplace that is of an appropriate atmospheric pressure and where there is also danger of engulfment. In accordance with regulation 3.85 of the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996, any work carried out in confined spaces must comply with Australian Standard AS 2865.

When work needs to be carried out in confined spaces, the correct confined space equipment is important to facilitate the work, minimise the risk of serious injury and provide means of rescue.

  • Confined Space Tripod – Used for lifting loads, assisting in access to confined spaces, as well as for securing and rescuing people. The tripod is commonly used in conjunction with winch.
  • Davit Arm System – Provides a fixed anchorage point for access into confined spaces. The Davit arm system is designed principally around the lifting of personnel.
  • Retractable Type 3 Inertia ReelType 3 inertia reel includes rescue lifting device that is equipped with hand operated winch with automatic brake to prevent self-contained descent of a person.
  • Confined Space & Rescue Harness – When there is a risk of falling whilst descending into or ascending out of the designated confined space, a confined space harness must be worn.
  • Spreader Bar – Designed for use with rescue winches, and confined space type harnesses with rescue loops on shoulders. Spreader bar is ideal for confined space entry/exit and rescue and retrieval applications.
  • Confined Space Kit – A simple all-in-one kit to meet the health and safety requirements for access to confined areas. The kit includes a tripod, rescue winch, retractable lanyard, multi-impact helmet, spreader bar and a PVC tripod bag.

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