ZERO Personal Protection Equipment

691: CAMP SAFETY Quicklink D Shape 10mm

quicklink d shape
float(13.75) float(13.75)

CAMP SAFETY Quicklink D Shape is for semi-permanent fixings (when closed with a wrench) to anchor…

PJ-507: ZERO Oval Quick Link

oval quick link
float(7.15) float(7.15)

ZERO Oval quick link is ideal for setting up rappels, equipping anchors and fixing quickdraws.

HGA602: Safemaster® Harness Gear Backpack

harness gear backpack
float(40.9) float(44.99)

Safemaster┬« harness gear backpack is designed for easy hands-free carrying of height safety PPE w…

1007046: MILLER Evac Body Splint

miller evac body splint 1007046
float(1612.727273) int(1774)

1007046 MILLER Evac Body Splint is ideal for confined space evacuation. The Evac Body Splint beco…

ZC-2062: CAMP SAFETY Trauma Straps- Pair

suspension trauma straps
float(46) float(50.6)

Suspension trauma straps is designed to prevent the effects of suspension trauma while a worker i…

SG238: SPANSET Suspension Trauma Relief Strap- Pair

SPANSET Suspension Trauma Relief Strap SG238
float(24.727273) float(27.2)

SPANSET Suspension Trauma Relief Strap is designed to aid in the prevention of suspension trauma …

AY-002: Hand Tool Lanyard Elasticated

hand tool lanyard
float(18) float(19.8)

Hand tool lanyard is a lightweight elasticated webbing lanyard designed to allow workers keeping …

AY-003: Retractable Tool Lanyard

retractable tool lanyard
float(28) float(30.8)

Retractable tool lanyard/holder is designed to control and prevent dropping tool, ideal for worki…

EMPYT: PROCHOICE Python Earmuffs

prochoice python earmuffs empyt
float(32.727273) float(36)

PROCHOICE Python Earmuffs have a contemporary slimline design with padded foam headband and a low…

HBEPA: PROBAND Fixed Headband Earplugs

proband fixed headband earplugs
float(8.754545) float(9.63)

PROBAND Fixed Headband Earplugs is the highest level of hearing protection for a headband earplug…

HMTPM: PROCHOICE Maxi Mask 2000 Half Mask Respirator

prochoice maxi mask 2000 half mask respirator
Reduced Price
float(25.272727) float(27.8)

PROCHOICE Maxi Mask 2000 Half Mask Respirator with fully adjustable four point cradle suspension …

PC823: ProMesh Respirator P2 with Valve & Active Carbon Filter

prochoice promesh respirator P2
string(0) "" string(0) ""

ProMesh Respirator P2 is a flexible mesh which ensures optimum shape retention for a perfect, air…