ZERO Personal Protection Equipment

6040-CS-H-T-W-0: SPANSET Confined Space Kit

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The SPANSET Confined Space Kit is designed for access and rescue of personal for a large range of…

6040-CS-H-T-3W-0: SPANSET Confined Space Kit with Recovery SRL

float(4780.954545) float(5259.05)

The SPANSET Confined Space Kit with Recovery SRL is designed to raise or lower personnel for acce…

APX-02: APEX Exo Industrial Helmet

apex exo industrial helmet
float(66.5) float(73.15)

APEX Exo Industrial Helmet is a collation of the best design features for an industrial quality h…

ZRL: ZERO LINOSTOP 12mm Ropeline with Adjuster- 5m/10m/15m/20m/30m

fall arrest ropeline
Best Seller
float(181.5) float(181.5)

Fall arrest ropeline with a rope adjuster, integral shock absorber and snaphook connections.  Pop…

GOTCHA: SPANSET Gotcha Rescue Kit C/W Rope

SPANSET Gotcha Rescue Kit
Best Seller
float(1864.454545) float(2050.9)

The Gotcha™ Original was the first pre-assembled remote rescue kit. Designed for rescuing a suspen…

PC-350: ZERO Wire Cable Grab

wire cable grab
float(84.5) float(92.95)

The ZERO wire cable grab for use on 8mm cable, it moves easily up and down on vertical lifelines …

Z-30: ZERO UTILITY Harness Quick Connect

zero utility quick connect harness
float(165) float(181.5)

General purpose full body harness with front and back attachment points, and dorsal extension…

Z+32: ZERO PLUS Tradesman Harness

float(290) int(319)

The Tradesman harness provides all the comfort and benefits of the ZERO PLUS range harnesses. Thi…

Z-35/R: ZERO PLUS Confined Space & Rescue Harness

confined space & rescue harness
float(225) float(247.5)

Z-35/R Confined Space & Rescue Harness is great all-rounder with front and rear D attachment …

Z+52: ZERO PLUS Construction Harness with Positioning Belt

work positioning construction harness
float(350) int(385)

The ZERO PLUS Work Positioning Construction harness provides all the comfort and benefits of ZERO…

Z-61/R: ZERO Construction Rescue Harness

construction rescue harness
float(370) int(407)

Z-61/R ZERO Construction Rescue Harness is a comfortable and efficient harness, suitable for gene…

Z+81: ZERO PLUS Construction Harness

construction harness
float(380) int(418)

The ZERO PLUS Construction harness is ideal for general rope access and abseil, as well as genera…