APS102: X-ERT Purlin Fix Abseil Anchor (Kit)

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Safemaster- X-ERT Purlin Fix Abseil Anchor

The APS102 X-ERT Purlin Fix Abseil Anchor (Kit) is a permanent anchor rated at 15kN, designed for use as a single person anchor. It is used when there is little or no access from the underside when fixing to metal roof/steel purlin structures.

The location of the anchor point(s) and the installation must be carried out by a competent person in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

• Abseil access to windows
• Abseil access to inaccessible areas


Material• Block- Stainless steel
• Eyebolt- G316 Stainless steel
• Dektite seal- EPDM
Dimensions• Eyebolt: Overall- M14x245mm / Eye Diameter- 40mm
• Flashing- 5-55 Flexible seal
Weight0.74kg (excludes fixings)
Working Load Limit24kN
• Support structure integrity, suitability and fixing method to be assessed and determined by a competent person prior to installation
• The X-ERT APS102 must be used in conjunction with an approved harness and ropeline/lanyard system incorporating an energy absorber where required
Fixing DetailsThe X-ERT APS102 is fixed through the roof sheet through a 15-16mm hole in the purlin into a block beneath the top flange of the purlin. The eyebolt is lined up in the direction of fall and the lock nut is tightened
ComplianceThe X-ERT APS102 is manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZS1891.4 and relevant OHS Codes of Practice/Guidelines
TestingTesting based on requirements of Australian Standards AS/NZS 1891.4, Dynamic Load Test- 24kN
Life of ProductAccording to Australian Standards AS/NZS1891.4, the life of any height safety product is 10 years
Warranty5 year from date of purchase subject to correct installation, use and maintenance in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations
Inspection and MaintenanceInspection and Certification of product is required every 12 months by a competent person according to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1891.4

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