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Safemaster- Surfacemount Static Line System

The SLS100 X-CLERATE Surface Mount Static Line System is installed direct to the roof sheeting using a roofing screw/bulbtite rivet combination. It is used in situations and for roofing systems where the roof substructure is inaccessible or not suitable for Height Safety equipment attachment.

The system incorporates energy absorbing end anchors, intermediate and corner brackets, line tensioners and shock absorbing components, designed in accordance with relevant codes & regulations.

The location of the system and the installation must be carried out by a competent person in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.


  • Safe access to roof areas for roof or gutter maintenance
  • Safe access while installing or maintaining equipment near a fall zone
  • Provides continuous connection and ease of movement for areas requiring regular access
  • Particularly used in narrow roof areas
  • Suitable for use on metal clad composite panel roofs


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