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MILLER Söll Xenon Horizontal Lifeline System
Safemaster-MILLER Söll Xenon Shock Absorber

The Söll Xenon Horizontal Lifeline System is a high quality, durable and innovative lifeline system made of corrosion resistant stainless steel. It is ideal to suit industrial applications such as working on crane runways, loading bays and roofs.

The system also doubles as an anchorage point to easily rescue fallen workers ensuring that structural damage is prevented.

Söll Xenon incorporates a unique, state-of-the-art shock absorber (patented Miller ‘Force-dispersal Technology’) to provide fall protection for up to seven workers across a maximum span of 20m depending on the line configuration. The system is a perfect safety solution for installation work, maintenance or cleaning and can be used in environments ranging from -50°C to +120°C.

The Söll Xenon Horizontal Lifeline System consisting of 8mm steel cable, shuttles, shock absorbers, intermediate anchors and end anchors.

  • The four-in-one Söll Xenon shock absorber incorporates a tension indicator, a cable tensioner, a state-of-the-art energy absorber and a fall indicator. Only one device is needed for all installations, irrespective of whether it is an overhead or standard installation. Also available with or without swages
  • Söll Xenon intermediate brackets can be configured as free-floating, springloaded or locked. As the brackets are assembled on the cable it means they can easily be replaced
  • The unique ‘Force-dispersal Technology’ in the Söll Xenon shock absorber ensures energy is distributed evenly whenn deployed
  • Söll Xenon automatic pass-through shuttles allow for smooth passthrough of intermediate and corner brackets
  • Söll Xenon overhead shuttle has integrated wheel protection to protect against shocks with other shuttles (multiple users on the line) and is debris-repellent. New roller bearings withstand constant heavy load allowing for use with self retractable lifelines up to 20kg

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