Our Commitment

Safemaster has encouraging sustainability approach in design, development, production and supply of goods/services in a manner that works within our natural systems. We are taking a holistic view at balancing a product/service’s life cycle to address social, economic and environmental impacts of the business.

Quality Assurance

Safemaster-Quality-Assurance1Safemaster’s Quality Assurance policy confirms our commitment to deliver the quality expected by our customers in the products and/or services that we supply. Most of our products come with 5 years warranty against product defects, workmanship and installation.

This quality policy applies equally to members of management, all employees, and also to contractors we engage.

Environmental Management

Safemaster-EnvironmentalManagement1Safemaster recognises its moral and legal responsibilities to protect the environment and minimise pollution, we require all supply chain party to ensure that any risk to the environment from our activities is contained and controlled on-site. Activities that create waste or emissions are regularly reviewed to ensure they comply with regulations and where practical, alternatives in method or materials that reduce the effects on the environment are sought.

Resources Management

Safemaster focuses on effective use of resources in the production process. This applies to the efficient use of space, machinery, labour, materials and time. For instance, we utilise industry leading software to illustrate the structural design aspects including the use of materials prior to bring the finished product to the consumer. This allows us to learn a more efficient design where the production process could be improved to reduce waste.

Workforce Driven

Both Safemaster workshop and office have strategically based in Canning Vale, where majority of our materials and labour are from within Western Australia metro area. This had a positive impact on the local economy whilst decreasing the amount of transport required for materials, reducing the site’s carbon footprint and drive local workforce.

Community Driven

Throughout the years, Safemaster has worked with the local community on various fall protection projects with an initiative to educate and promote safe working at heights. We believe it helps to create social benefits to be shared among the communities.