Safety First, No Matter What

Safety First, No Matter What

Working at heights remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and serious injuries in Australia. On average 26 workplace deaths and almost 8,000 injured every year in Australia due to fall from heights.

TOUGHER penalties for workplace safety offences have come into effect in Western Australia on 3 October 2018, which raises the maximum term of imprisonment to five years and $680,000 fine for an individual, or $3.5 million fine for body corporate.

Regardless of the project type or budget you work on, a work health and safety strategy must be planned and developed to ensure the work can be carried out safely at all times, especially when it is involving heights.

Before any work at heights is started, safety should be your first priority, no matter what.


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What role do you have for workplace safety?
At what height do you need a fall protection system?
How do you know if your workplace is compliant?
Find out your obligations as a business owner/ property manager/ builder/ architect for workplace safety. A fall constitutes a place where a person could be injured if they fell from one level to another, but at what height? Find out more. It is imperative that the systems being installed are not only safe and practical, but compliant to all the relevant standards, codes of practice and building codes of Australia. Find out more.



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