PPE Inspections and Tagging

ppe inspections and tagging

The Occupational Safety & Health Regulations (OSH) requires that fall arrest equipment and devices provided for personal use at the workplace must be inspected at intervals not exceeding 6 months. It is a legal requirements to have your equipment inspected.

Safemaster offers a harness and safety equipment inspection and tagging service in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4:2009. Our inspectors are fully trained and competent to inspect a variety of personal protective equipment.

On completion of the inspections,

  • An inspection log detailing the results of the inspection for each equipment
  • Each equipment tagged with serial number, initial use date, and next inspection due-date will be issued

PPE Inspection Price List

Safety Equipment   Price (ex GST)
Full Body Harness $25
Lanyard, Anchor Strap/Sling, Shock Absorber, Pole Strap $10 Ea
Ropeline $20
Inertia Reel, Retractable Webbing Lanyard  (External inspection only) $25
Inertia Reel, Retractable Webbing Lanyard  (Internal inspection) POA
Temporary Lifeline $25
Temporary Anchor $15
Rope Rescue Kit/Gotcha Kit POA
Suspension Trauma Relief Straps (Pair) $5
Standard Harness Kit (Includes Full Body Harness, Ropeline, Lanyard and Anchor Strap/Sling) $50
Confined Space Tripod Includes Winch* and Spreader Bar
*External inspection only
Connectors- Karabiner/Snaphook/Scaffhook (No tagging required & not included on log) FREE
 Call Out Fee for On-Site Inspections  $180 + Tagging fees above

Personal protective equipment (PPE) are an effective means of minimizing the risk of working at heights and they can be life saving in an event of a fall. It is crucial to ensure they are inspected for continued efficiency and durability.

Equipment used under harsh conditions (i.e mining industry) such as in wet, dusty, abrasive or corrosive environments, shall be inspected more frequently, generally at twice the frequency specified.