Safemaster Roof Safety Equipment

Safemaster has been providing height safety equipment and roof safety systems since 1995 by successful consultation, design, manufacture and testing, supply and installation, as well as certification of a range of safety products that are not only user friendly but also meet the most stringent Australian Safety Standards. Custom manufacturing of products to meet unusual applications is a Safemaster specialty, from safety harnesses, right through to fall arrest systems. Whether you simply need a reliable supplier of height safety equipment or a professional audit and consultancy service for your project, we can help you. 

Roof Safety Systems 

Safemaster provides a range of roof safety systems to protect those working at heights in an industrial workplace. To ensure your workplace meets Australian safety standards, providing the best roof safety systems is imperative. Safemaster’s range of roof safety systems includes quality fall arrest and roof access systems. For the most trusted roof safety systems and protective gear for your workplace choose Safemaster.

Fall Protection & Access Systems

Some of the products Safemaster offers include fall protection systems such as roof safety harnessesroof anchor systemsguardrail systemsstatic line systems, as well as access system such as roof access hatchesmodular ladder systemsstepladders, stairs and platforms, as well as walkway systems. If you need reliable fall arrest systems or safety harnesses, choose Safemaster.

The Safemaster Strategy

Safemaster is backed with over 100 years of accumulative experience, extensive product research and development, as well as in-house engineering expertise coupled with advanced technology and manufacturing facility. These factors have played a major role in establishing Safemaster as a leading force in the WA height safety industry.

Today Safemaster is more than a company. It’s a symbol of safety, integrity and quality. To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch today.