Fall Arrest System

Fall Arrest System

Should a fall incident occur, a fall arrest system limits the distance and/or force of a fall and protects the worker from hitting the ground or a surface. In this way, the worker is safely arrested by means of personal protective equipment that attaches to an anchorage point or static line system.

A fall arrest system is used whenever a worker needs to work at heights, especially a worker who may need to reach some potentially dangerous area to perform a task. It is crucial for anyone working at heights to have fall arrest protection in the event that they experience a fall.

When setting up a fall arrest system, fall factors and fall distances are critical factors to be considered. The lower the anchor in relation to the human body, the greater the fall distance will be. By minimising the height of the fall, the speed will be reduced at the point when the arrest event starts. The worker must ensure there is sufficient distance between the work surface and any surface below to enable the system, including the action of any shock absorber, to deploy fully, without the worker hitting the below surface.

fall factor and fall distance

In order for the fall arrest system to properly protect workers, training is crucial as it allows workers to have an in-depth understanding of how to use the equipment, as well as being better prepared to deal with a fall incident if it occurs. When selecting a fall arrest system, it’s important to consider who will be using the system, the type of work that needs to be accomplished at the site, and how many people will be involved with different jobs at heights.

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