Aluminium Sections

AL-100: Joiner Bar

Joiner Bar
float(7.59) float(7.59)

To suit 13mm Aluminium Walkway -6000mm (standard)/
Also available in AL100-1: To suit 22mm…

AL101: Edge Bar

Edge Bar
float(5.06) float(5.06)

To suit 13mm Aluminium Walkway- 4800mm (standard)
Also available in AL101-1: To suit 22mm …

AL102: Flat Bar

Flat Bar 40x6mm
float(8.8) float(8.8)

Available in various sizes: 40 x 6mm(4000mm)/ 50 x 6mm(4300mm)/ 80 x 6mm(4550mm)/ 80 x 10mm(6…

AL104: C-Section Walkway Batten

C-Section Walkway Batten 40x30x20mm
float(5.06) float(5.06)

Available in various sizes: 40 x 30 x 20mm (6000mm length) / 100 x 25 x 3mm (6500mm length)/ …

AL105: Angle

Angle 50x50x3mm
float(13.53) float(13.53)

Available in various sizes: 50 x 50 x 3mm (6000mm length)/ 50 x 50 x 6mm (6000mm length)/ 100…

AL106: RHS Posts

RHS Posts 58x58mm
float(14.3) float(14.3)

For light-duty
Guardrail post 58 x 58mm (6000mm length)
Also available in 60 x 40mm (60…

AL107-1: Handrail Splice

Handrail Splice
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Handrail splice 6000mm

AL107-1: Kneerail Splice

Kneerail Splice
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Kneerail splice 6000mm