ZERO Personal Protection Equipment

Z-30/S: ZERO UTILITY Harness with Standard Buckles

full body roofers harness

Full body roofers harness with front and back attachment points
Fully adjustable shoulder …

Z-30: ZERO UTILITY Harness Quick Connect

full body safety harness

Full body safety harness with front and back attachment points
Fully adjustable for correc…

Z+32: ZERO PLUS Tradesman Harness

full body harness

The new-look ZERO PLUS Full Body Harness now incorporate a new colour scheme that is neutral yet …

Z-35/ABM-TX5: ZERO Tradesmans Harness/Adjustable Lanyard Set (with Scaffold Hook)

Sale! scaffolders harness
$407.00 $290.00$407.00

Scaffolders harness/General purpose harness with front and rear D attachment points, ideal …

Z-35/R: ZERO Tradesman & Rescue Harness

confined space & rescue harness

Confined space & Rescue harness for a wide range of work at height
Front and rear D at…

Z+52: ZERO PLUS Construction Harness with Positioning Belt

work positioning construction harness

The ZERO PLUS Work Positioning Construction harness provides all the comfort and benefits of ZERO…

Z+71/R: ZERO PLUS Works Rescue Harness

works rescue and rope access harness

The ZERO PLUS Works Rescue Harness is a tried and proven workhorse than can be used in a multitud…

Z+81: ZERO PLUS Construction Harness

construction harness

Ideal for general rope access and abseil, as well as general purpose, work positioning and fa…

Z+86/R: ZERO PLUS IsoTower Harness

Sale! tower harness
$616.00 $560.00

The ZERO PLUS Tower harness is a revolutionary new and ergonomic design that combines the practic…