ZERO Personal Protection Equipment

SFP-OPKIT: Order Picking & EWP Harness Kit

order picking & EWP harness kit

Order Picking & EWP Harness Kit is an excellent all round kit for all operators/users of elev…

Z-30/S: ZERO UTILITY Harness with Standard Buckles

full body roofers harness
Best Seller

Full body roofers harness is a simple two-point harness with front and back attachment points. It…

SR01: MILLER Rope Temporary Static Line, 20m / 30m

miller rope temporary static line

MILLER Rope Temporary Static Line is ideal for situations where accessibility along a length of a…

ZE-320/20: ZERO Temporary Staticline, 3 Person-20m

temporary static line

ZERO Temporary Staticline is a 3 man system, adjustable horizontal lifeline up to 20m – the struc…

AP145S: SPYDA Temporary Anchor Point Kit- Screw Fix

spyda temporary anchor point
$451.00 $374.00

SPYDA temporary anchor point, Screw fix is ideally suited for builders, roofers and maintenance p…

AP145C: SPYDA Temporary Anchor Point, Clamp & Screw Fix

spyda temporary anchor point clamp fix
$693.00 $563.00

SPYDA temporary anchor point, clamp & screw fix is ideally suited for builders, roofers and m…

AP146: SPYDA Clamp Set Only (4 Clamp Sets)

spyda clamp set only
$272.80 $231.80

The SPYDA clamp kit enables the SPYDA temporary anchor point to attach to clip lock roofing. The …

TEMPLINK 3000: TEMPLINK 3000 Temporary Anchor

TEMPLINK 3000 temporary anchor
Best Seller

TEMPLINK 3000 Temporary Anchor is a temporary multi-directional roof anchoring device that can be…

ZTM-100: ZERO Confined Space Kit

zero confined space kit

The ZERO Confined Space Kit is designed to meet the health and safety requirements for access to …

ZTM-105: ZERO Confined Space Kit with Type 3 Inertia Reel

zero confined space kit with type 3 inertia reel / rescue winch

The ZERO Confined Space Kit with Type 3 Inertia Reel meets the highest level of health and safety…

APX-02: APEX Exo Industrial Helmet

apex exo industrial helmet

APEX Exo Industrial Helmet is a collation of the best design features for an industrial quality h…

ZRL: ZERO LINOSTOP 12mm Ropeline with Adjuster- 5m/10m/15m/20m/30m

fall arrest ropeline
Best Seller

Fall arrest ropeline with a rope adjuster, integral shock absorber and snaphook connections.  Pop…