Inertia Reels

Self Retracting Lifeline

When it comes to personal fall protection, there really is no room for error, or choosing the wrong product. It’s for this reason why we offer an extensive range of Inertia Reels to suit your unique work requirements.

Your Safety in Our Hands

Within our wide range of product offerings under the fall arrester equipment, we have a few options which may be of interest to you, including, but not limited to:

  • Fall Arrest Block – This variation of our many fall arresters is incredibly sturdy despite it being lightweight and compact. It’s ideally suited for plant maintenance, order pickers, static lines, etc. and has a maximum length of 2.4m.
  • Retractable Type 2 Inertia Reels – Equipped with both stainless and galvanised steel options, this self-retracting lifeline is available in various lengths. These range from 6m to 40m to suit both light and heavy duty works.
  • Webbing Retractable Lanyard – Designed for single person use at various heights, this lightweight system makes use of a swivel function and fall indicator. It’s also equipped with a brake and energy dissipating mechanism. Additionally, with Kevlar webbing material, this retractable lanyard is incredibly lightweight which make it easy to carry around roof areas.
  • Twin Retractable Lanyard – This variation of fall arrestor is designed with twin scaffhooks for continuous attachment to ensure the worker is always attached whilst moving from anchor to anchor. The swivel head prevents the webbing from twisting while working.
  • Retractable Type 3 Fall Arrestor – With rescue lifting feature, this retractable fall arrester can be used in both vertical arrangements and installed on tripods. It is fitted with a hand-operated winch with both lifting and lowering functionality, and an automatic brake. However, you will need to keep-in-mind that this system will require annual recertification.

Ask Us Your Questions

If you have any questions about fall arresters range, please feel free to contact us. A member of our team of highly-trained experts will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

WR-025/027: ZERO Retractable Fall Arrester 2.4m

retracting lanyard

Retractable fall arrester is lightweight and compact in design with rugged case. It is ideal for …

MILLER TurboLite Fall Arrestor 2m

miller turbolite 2m fall arrestor c/w karabiner and snaphook

The Miller TurboLite 2m is a small, light and fully compliant, retractable Fall Arrest block desi…

CR-30: ZERO Steel Cable Retractor 3m

retracting fall arrester

ZERO Steel Cable Retractor is a lightweight and portable retractable type 2 fall arrester, very c…

WR-100/06: ZERO KELVAR Webbing Retractable Lanyard 6M

retracting lanyard
Best Seller

Retracting Lanyard 6m is lightweight in construction and fully compliant to AS/NZS1891 Standards….

CR-210: ZERO Retractable Inertia Reel- Stainless Steel Cable 6m/10m/15m

inertia reel

Inertia reel in stainless steel cable is a self retracting lifeline with rugged metal case. Desig…

CR-240: ZERO Retractable Inertia Reel- Galvanised Cable 6m/10m/15m

retractable inertia reel galvanised cable
Best Seller

ZERO Retractable Inertia Reel is a self retracting lifeline with side entry cable for smooth work…

CR-300: ZERO Heavy Duty Retractable Inertia Reel with Galvanised Cable- 20m/28m

heavy duty retractable inertia reel

ZERO Heavy Duty Retractable Inertia Reel is a rugged self retractable lifeline for heavy use appl…

CR-02X2: ZERO Twin Retractable Lanyard- 2m

twin retractable lanyard

ZERO Twin Retractable Lanyard is specially designed so the block is attached to the harness, givi…

CRW-200/15: ZERO Retractable Type 3 Fall Arrester/Rescue Lifting Device 15m

Retractable Type 3 Fall Arrester/Rescue Lifting Device

ZERO Retractable Type 3 Fall Arrester/Rescue Lifting Device is equipped with hand operated/manual…

CRW-300/25: ZERO Retractable Type 3 Inertia Reel/Rescue Winch- 25m

retractable type 3 inertia reel/rescue winch

ZERO Retractable Type 3 Inertia Reel/Rescue Winch includes rescue lifting device, equipped with h…

SVLB-2: SPANSET 2.35m Saverline Fall Arrest Block

spanset saverline fall arrest block SVLB-2

The SPANSET 2.35m Saverline fall arrest blocks have been designed for your safety when working at…

SVLB-2H3: SPANSET 2m Saverline Fall Arrest Block c/w Karabiner and Scaffoldhook

SPANSET 2m saverline fall arrest block with scaffoldhook SVLB-2H3

The SPANSET 2m Saverline fall arrest blocks have been designed for your safety when working at he…