Anchor Straps & Slings

AZ-700/90/140: ZERO Anchor Strap 0.9m/1.4m

anchor strap
Best Seller

Easy Anchor Strap is made from polyester webbing, lined with a non-slip rubber backing and D ring…

2035.130: CAMP SAFETY Easy Anchor Strap

adjustable anchor strap

Adjustable anchor strap is simple and effective way to create an anchor point when attached on a …

ZS-200: ZERO Webbing Sling

anchor sling

Anchor Sling available in various lengths. Simple and effective to create an anchor point when lo…

ZF-725: ZERO Webbing Adjustable Pole Strap

pole strap

ZERO Webbing Adjustable Pole Strap provides quick and easy work positioning for linesmen, structu…

WT02M: MILLER Webbing Tie-Off Adaptor

miller webbing tie-off adaptor

MILLER Webbing Tie-Off Adaptor is a great way to quickly and easily set up a temporary anchorage …

PCL1: MILLER Wire Tie-Off, 1m

pcl1 miller wire tie-off

MILLER Wire Tie-off is suitable for use over sharp edges or in welding environments.


CAS2: MILLER Cross Arm Sling

miller cross arm sling

MILLER Cross Arm Sling wraps around I-beams and other structures to form a secure attachment poin…