Roof Access & Fall Protection

Day in and day out, there are many reasons why you need to get access to roofs of industrial buildings, may it be accessing air conditioning units or solar panels, general roof maintenance and cleaning.

Getting access to the roof of an industrial building can be a serious safety hazard. According to WorkSafe Australia, in average 26 workers had fatal falls from height each year, and nearly 8,000 injured.

Under the Workplace Health & Safety Act, PCBU or controller of the premise is liable for workplace safety including working at heights. A fall protection system must be in place if a worker is required to work or walk within 2 metres of the edge of the roof at a height greater than 3 metres.

With over 20 years of reputation within the height safety industry, Safemaster is passionate about protecting people working at heights. With a reputation for its technical knowledge, rigorous standards and fresh approach, Safemaster has develop a comprehensive range of roof access and fall protection products.

Roof access System:

  • SPACEGATE Access Hatch: Ideal access to roof level on multi-level buildings. It provides authorised access with locking facility.
  • SKYCLIMB Modular Ladder Systems: To provide safe and easy access to roof areas and between roof levels. There are many models available in the range, including the addition of cages, vertical ladder lines and rest platforms.
  • SKYCLIMB Step Ladders, Stairs & Platform: Stairs and Platforms provide the highest level of safe and easy access to varied roof heights, raised air-conditioner platforms, machinery and other maintenance areas.
  • PROLANE Walkway Systems: To prevent damage and direct traffic on the roofing system for safety, convenience and ongoing maintenance.
  • PROLANE SERIES Work Platform: To reduce damage caused by foot traffic and the installation of heavy equipment.

Fall Protection System:

  • X-ERT Anchor Point Systems: It is a requirement that any persons working at height must be connect to an approved fall arrest anchor when working within a fall zone with no edge protection.
  • FALLNOT Guardrail Systems: Designed to keep people from (in most cases unintentionally) straying into dangerous or off-limits areas.
  • X-CLERATE Static Line Systems: Designed to enable unrestricted movement, whilst remaining continually attached. The range can be attached to multiple structures.
  • ZERO Personal Protection Equipment:  To prevent a fall or reduce the risk or severity of a fall or, in the event of a fall, minimizes the risk of injury.