Roof Access Hatch

A well-made roof access hatch ensures that you, your workers, and future users have safe and easy access to the roofs of buildings that you’re working on. Safemaster offers various options to ensure that you find the right fit for your building project.

Easy Access

Within our vast range of options for your roof access hatch needs, we have the following variations of SPACEGATE hatches for different installations and purposes:

  • Standard Hatch – One of the most popular SPACEGATE products, this roof access hatch is comprised of an industrially rated metal hatch that can be used in conjunction with a SKYCLIMB Ladder system. It’s available in an array of sizes and materials to suit your specific needs and is ideal for controlled access to roof areas.
  • Translucent Hatch – Both aesthetically pleasing and functional, this roof access hatch makes use of thermal-break technology, which allows natural daylight to filter into the room below. It’s constructed from high performance polycarbonate dome and available in three colour variations, namely, clear, white, and bronze.
  • Deluxe Hatch – This double skin, heavy duty hatch withstands the test of time against harsh Australian environments and is resistant to both rust and corrosion. This makes it ideal for harsh coastal sites. Additionally, it has a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Slider Hatch – The SPACEGATE Sliding roof hatch is specifically designed to accommodate height restrictions and has a high strength construction which makes it ideal for safe operation during windy conditions. It’s also incredibly lightweight, which means it can be easily installed by a single person.
  • Cyclone Rated Hatch – A heavy duty hatch is sometimes needed in extreme conditions, and that’s what this system offers. It’s been specifically engineered to cope with high-wind situations. It’s also been designed to be water-tight, with fully welded framework construction and can be installed in tile, corrugated or metal deck, and concrete roofs.

As well as the above roof access hatch systems, we also offer a Guardrail Kit for added safety to your installations of our SPACEGATE products.

Reach Out to Us

If you have any questions regarding our access hatches, please feel free to get in touch with us. We have a team of expertly trained professionals who are ready and waiting to answer all queries you may have.

AH100: SPACEGATE Standard Hatch

roof access hatch
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Roof Hatches for Every Use

At Safemaster, we provide an extensive range of roof hatches design…

AH200: SPACEGATE Deluxe Hatch

deluxe hatch
float(2766.5) float(2766.5)

Aesthetics and Enhanced Performance

AH200 is a double skin hatch that is designed to withstand…

AH400: SPACEGATE Translucent Hatch

skylight roof hatch
float(1392) float(1531.2)

Designed for Abundant Natural Daylight

AH400 SPACEGATE Translucent Hatch is an aesthetically p…

AH500: SPACEGATE Slider Hatch

slider roof hatch
float(1220) float(1342)

Prestigious & Distinctive

AH500 SPACEGATE Slider Hatch is an industrial/commercial rated m…

AH700: SPACEGATE Cyclone Rated Hatch

cyclone rated hatch
float(2200) float(2420)

Designed for Superior Strength & Durability

AH700 SPACEGATE Cyclone Rated Hatch is a heavy…

GS600: FALLNOT Access Hatch Guardrail Kit

Access Hatch Guardrail Kit
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1800 x 1800mm
To suit Sliding & Hinged types