SPACEGATE Access Hatches

AH100: SPACEGATE Standard Hatch

roof access hatch

Easy & Economical Solutions

AH100 SPACEGATE¬† Roof Access Hatch is one of the most popular …

AH200: SPACEGATE Deluxe Hatch

deluxe hatch

Aesthetics and Enhanced Performance

AH200 is a double skin hatch that is designed to withstand…

AH400: SPACEGATE Translucent Hatch

skylight roof hatch

Designed for Abundant Natural Daylight

AH400 SPACEGATE Translucent Hatch is an aesthetically p…

AH500: SPACEGATE Slider Hatch

slider roof hatch

Prestigious & Distinctive

AH500 SPACEGATE Slider Hatch is an industrial/commercial rated m…

AH700: SPACEGATE Cyclone Rated Hatch

cyclone rated hatch

Designed for Superior Strength & Durability

AH700¬†SPACEGATE Cyclone Rated Hatch is a heavy…

GS600: FALLNOT Access Hatch Guardrail Kit

Access Hatch Guardrail Kit

1800 x 1800mm
To suit Sliding & Hinged types