Tool Lanyard & Accessories

HGA602: Safemaster® Harness Gear Backpack

harness gear backpack

Safemaster┬« harness gear backpack is designed for easy hands-free carrying of height safety PPE w…

AY-002: Hand Tool Lanyard Elasticated

hand tool lanyard

Hand tool lanyard is a lightweight elasticated webbing lanyard designed to allow workers keeping …

AY-003: Retractable Tool Lanyard

retractable tool lanyard

Retractable tool lanyard/holder is designed to control and prevent dropping tool, ideal for worki…

EMPYT: PROCHOICE Python Earmuffs

prochoice python earmuffs empyt

PROCHOICE Python Earmuffs have a contemporary slimline design with padded foam headband and a low…

HBEPA: PROBAND Fixed Headband Earplugs

proband fixed headband earplugs

PROBAND Fixed Headband Earplugs is the highest level of hearing protection for a headband earplug…

HMTPM: PROCHOICE Maxi Mask 2000 Half Mask Respirator

prochoice maxi mask 2000 half mask respirator
Reduced Price

PROCHOICE Maxi Mask 2000 Half Mask Respirator with fully adjustable four point cradle suspension …

PC823: ProMesh Respirator P2 with Valve & Active Carbon Filter

prochoice promesh respirator P2

ProMesh Respirator P2 is a flexible mesh which ensures optimum shape retention for a perfect, air…

1600: PROCHOICE Tsunami Safety Specs

prochoice tsunami safety specs

PROCHOICE Tsunami Safety Specs is a lightweight, polycarbonate, medium impact safety specs with w…

HHCS: PROCHOICE Hard Hat Chin Strap (5/Pack)

prochoice hard hat chin strap

PROCHOICE Hard Hat Chin Strap is designed to keep hard hat in place in active situations. Univers…

GCKO: PROCHOICE Glove Clip Keeper

prochoice glove clip keeper

Never misplace your gloves again with this convenient glove clip. Designed to keep your gloves on…

EPYU: PROBELL Disposable Uncorded Earplugs

probell disposable uncorded earplugs

PROBELL Disposable Uncorded Earplugs provide hearing protection for noise levels to 110 dB(A), th…