X-ERT Roof Anchor System

Roof Anchor System

Forming a vital aspect of fall protection, a high-quality roof anchor system ensures continuous maintenance of your roof building assets works in safety. Safemaster offers a wide variety of roof anchors, each with their own unique designs to suit various roof types of your building.

All Safemaster anchor points are constructed with inbuilt energy absorber, incorporates the ability to dramatically reduce the loads applied to the structure in the event of a fall.

Products Within Our Range

Safemaster’s wide range of product offerings includes, but is not limited to the following systems:

Surface Mount Energy Absorbing Anchor – This is a permanent roof anchor system that fits onto a steel roof profile. They make it possible to access areas where anchoring onto timber structures is difficult or not possible. Ideal for either single or 2-person use and pre-assembled kit to make for a fast and easy installation. The Surface Mount Roof Anchor incorporates a unique energy absorbing swivel to allow work in multi-directional 360o around the anchor point with ease.

  • Timber Fix Anchor – As their name would suggest, this variation of roof anchor is ideally suited as a means of attaching to timber. However, applications of this system are also possible when a structure is metal or tiled and there is easy access below the roof. These permanent roof anchor systems also incorporate a shock absorption functionality in the event of a fall.
  • Top-Mount Abseil Anchor – This variation of fall arrest anchor from Safemaster has an allowance of 22kN for fall arrest. Additionally, they have a 15kN rating for abseil use as well. They can be fitted to corrugated roofs and are suitable for twin rope access, which makes them the ideal preventative measure against avoidable workplace accidents.
  • Spyda Temporary Roof Anchor – This type of temporary roof anchor system is available from Safemaster in clamp and screw fix options and fitted with adjustable pivot arms, which make this system ideal for a range of roof deck profiles. These products are ideally suited to roof areas that require periodic maintenance or for areas that don’t have fall arrest anchors in place.
  • Low Profile Anchor – We offer a variety of low profile, permanent anchors that are suited for single-person use. Ideal for safe access while installing or maintaining equipment near a fall zone, these products are available in variations that suit multiple roof profiles, including standard, trim deck and corrugated roofs.
  • Temporary Roof Anchor Point – In addition to all the permanent fall arrest anchors we offer, we have temporary anchors available as well. Durable and easy-to-install and remove, each of our temporary anchor points come with detailed instruction manuals. Take note of their individual specs, because some, like the AZ-200 T-Bar Anchor is only suitable for metal roofs, while the TEMPLINK 3000 can be installed onto both metal and tile roofs.

As mentioned, these are just a few of the roof anchor systems that we offer.

Safety First

With over 100 years of accumulated experience, we can safely say that our roof anchor systems are of the highest quality and will enable you to get your job done safely every time. Of all our company values, at the top level is integrity. We strive to make sure that we are open, honest, transparent, and fair with all our clients, in the effort of providing solutions that you can trust.

Additionally, we ensure that we are dedicated to the maintenance of all our installed products, whether it be our roof anchors or our many other offerings.

Reach Out to Us

One of our most important goals is to provide you with the highest possible standard of service in all aspects of our business. So, if you have any questions regarding our roof anchor systems, please feel free to get in touch with us.

APS100: X-ERT Purlin Fix Energy Absorbing Anchor (Kit)

Purlin Fix Energy Absorbing Anchor (Kit)

The APS100 X-ERT Purlin Fix Anchor (Kit) is a permanent anchor rated at 22kN, designed for use ei…

APS101: X-ERT Retro Fix Energy Absorbing Anchor (Kit)

Retro Fix Energy Absorbing Anchor (Kit)

The  APS101 X-ERT Retro Fix Anchor (Kit) is a permanent anchor rated at 22kN, designed for use ei…

APS104-1: X-ERT Low-Profile Fix Anchor (Kit)- Standard Flange

Purlin Fix Anchor (Kit)- Standard Flange

The APS104-1 X-ERT Low-Profile Fix Anchor is a Low profile permanent anchor standard fix, rated a…

APS104-2: X-ERT Low-Profile Fix Anchor (Kit)- Corrugated Flange

Purlin Fix Anchor (Kit)- Corrugated Flange

The APS104-2 X-ERT Low-Profile Fix Anchor is a Low profile permanent anchor to suit corrugated ro…

APS104-3: X-ERT Low-Profile Fix Anchor (Kit)- Trimdeck/Spendeck Flange

Purlin Fix Anchor (Kit)- Trimdeck/Spendeck Flange

The APS104-3 X-ERT Low-Profile Fix Anchor is a Low profile permanent anchor to suit trimdeck roof…

APS205: X-ERT Surface Mount Energy Absorbing Anchor (Kit)

surface mount anchor

The APS205 X-ERT Surface Mount Energy Absorbing Anchor (Kit) is a permanent anchor point designed…

APS201: X-ERT Top Mount Anchor (Kit)

Safemaster- X-ERT Top Mount Anchor

The X-ERT APS201 Top Mount Anchor (Kit) is a permanent anchor point designed for use either fall …

APS300: X-ERT Timber Fix Anchor (Kit)

Timber Fix Anchor (Kit)

The APS300 X-ERT Timber Fix Anchor (Kit) is a permanent anchor is rated at 22kN, designed for use…

APS400: X-ERT Concrete Fix Anchor (Kit)

Concrete Fix Anchor

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APS500: X-ERT Spacer Fix Anchor (Kit)

Spacer Fix Anchor

The APS500 X-ERT Spacer Fix Anchor (Kit) is a permanent anchor, designed for use as a single pers…

TF102: X-ERT Tilefix Anchor (Kit)

Tilefix Anchor

The X-ERT TF102 Tilefix Anchor provide an unobtrusive, cost effective solution to height safety a…

APS700: X-ERT Anchor Point Strop

Anchor Point Strop

Provides fall protection at the point of entry to roof area for access
Minimises penetrati…