Harness Kits

SFP-OPKIT: Order Picking & EWP Harness Kit

order picking & EWP harness kit

Order Picking & EWP Harness Kit is an excellent all round kit for all operators/users of elev…

SFP-02KIT: Economy Roofers Kit

Economy roofers kit

Economy Roofers Kit contains all the essential equipment needed for general roofing jobs packed i…

SFP-01KIT: Roofers Kit

Roofers kit
Best Seller

Roofers Kit contains a complete range of value-added fall protection equipment that meet most roo…

SFP-SKIT: Scaffolders Kit

scaffolders kit

Scaffolders Kit is a high quality and excellent value height safety kit for scaffolding and riggi…

SFP-WKIT: Windmill Harness Kit

windmill harness kit

The Windmill Harness Kit is designed for users working on ladders not equipped with a fall arrest…

SFP-TSKIT: Temporary Static Line Kit

temporary static line kit

The Temporary Static Line Kit is an excellent kit for a large degree of side movement work when t…

SFP-CKIT: Construction Harness Kit

construction harness kit

The Construction Harness Kit is designed for limited movement applications such as elevated work …

SFP-03KIT: Premium Multi-Purpose Fall Protection Kit

Safemaster- Premium Multi-Purpose Fall Protection Kit

The Premium Multi-Purpose Kit is an all in one kit offering you a safe, reliable and easy way to …