Confined Space Gear

Z-35/R: ZERO PLUS Confined Space & Rescue Harness

confined space & rescue harness

Z-35/R Confined Space & Rescue Harness is great all-rounder with front and rear D attachment …

TM-9: ZERO Aluminium Confined Space Tripod 229cm with Chain & Bag

confined space tripod

The ZERO Aluminium Confined Space Tripod is a multifunctional power package on three legs. It is …

RUP-502/20: ZERO Confined Space Winch with Pulley & Mounting Bracket – 20m

confined space winch

ZERO Confined Space Winch is a lifting and lowering device, ideal for a range of applications inc…

ZSB: ZERO Spreader Bar with Karabiners

spreader bar for confined space and rescue

The ZERO spreader bar is designed for use with rescue winches, and confined space type harnesses …

DL 120B & DL 120DA: MILLER Davit Base and Arm System

miller davit base and arm system

MILLER Davit arm and base are coupled together to provide a fixed anchorage point for work winche…

TRI/7: MILLER Tripod 2.26m

miller tripod tri/7

The MILLER Tripod is the anchorage connector for typical confined space and rescue systems.

MR15MGB: MILLER MightEvac™ Fall Arrestor

miller mightevac type 3 fall arrestor

The MILLER MightEvac™ type 3 fall arrestor combines the superior performance and reliability of t…

MAN/WIN: MILLER Manhandler™ Winch

miller manhandler winch

The MILLER ManHandler™ Winch is the perfect solution for a range of applications including confin…

CP105: MILLER Pulley Block

miller pulley block for tripods

The MILLER Pulley Block Assembly for use with MILLER Tripods (7 to 9 ft) accommodates up to 6.3mm…

1007046: MILLER Evac Body Splint

miller evac body splint 1007046

1007046 MILLER Evac Body Splint is ideal for confined space evacuation. The Evac Body Splint beco…