Karabiners & Connectors

N621/ABM: Cable Fall Arrester with ZERO Shock Absorber

cable fall arrester with shock absorber

N621 wire cable fall arrester for use on 8mm vertical lifeline cable. In the event of fall, the f…

AC-040: ZERO Rope Fall Arrester/Rope Grab with Karabiner

rope grab

ZERO Rope grab is designed for use on 12mm polyamide rope, it is extremely easy to use and automa…

N-621: Cable Rope Grab with Eye

cable rope grab

Cable rope grab move easily up and down vertical lifelines to provide continuous fall protection….

N-3032: Double Action Snap Hook

double action snap hook

Double action snap hook is made of forged steel material to ensure high strength and durability i…

PJ-596: ZERO Chrome Plated Scaffhook

chrome plated scaffold hook

ZERO Scaffold hook is made of high tensile steel with chrome plated, designed for quick attachmen…

PJ-501P: ZERO Screw Gate Oval Karabiner with Pin

screw gate oval karabiner with captive pin

The ZERO screw-gate oval karabiner with 17mm gate opening and captive pin for added safety.

PJ-501: ZERO Screw Gate Oval Karabiner, 25kN

screw gate oval karabiner

The ZERO screw-gate karabiner is designed as a primary connection point from any fall arrest devi…

PJ-501T: ZERO Triple Lock Oval Karabiner, 25kN

triple lock karabiner

The ZERO triple lock oval karabiner is designed as a primary connection point from any fall arres…

PK-0005: ZERO Black Plated High Strength D Karabiner, 50kN

black plated high strength D karabiner

The ZERO black plated high strength D karabiner with screw lock gate.

Screw lock gate karabi…

PK-0006: ZERO Super Strong D Karabiner, 50kN

super strong D karabiner

The ZERO super strong D karabiner is a screw lock gate karabiner with extreme strength rating, 50…

691: CAMP SAFETY Quicklink D Shape 10mm

quicklink d shape

CAMP SAFETY Quicklink D Shape is for semi-permanent fixings (when closed with a wrench) to anchor…

PJ-507: ZERO Oval Quick Link

oval quick link

ZERO Oval quick link is ideal for setting up rappels, equipping anchors and fixing quickdraws.