Safemaster Safety Products


Over many years in the working at heights industry the owners of Safemaster saw people risking their lives every day. Working above ground level spells potential danger to human safety and well-being. It was no surprise that accidents involving falls from height were the biggest cause of death in the workplace.

Fuelled by the desire to make a difference, they set off on a mission to protect and safeguard the workforce of the industry. From that moment Safemaster from their humble beginnings and office in Canning Vale, WA has grown to be a leading player in the height safety industry.

Safemaster offers a complete range of fall prevention solutions since 1995 at all levels for any project through consultation, design and engineering, manufacture, installation and recertification services. For on-going safety compliance, Safemaster remain dedicated to upkeep and maintenance of the installed products to ensure that are fully up to date and meet statutory requirements.

Safemaster is able to provide an economical and practical solution to most imaginative design concepts at pre-tender stage of a project. Our ability to problem solve and turn client requirements into solutions allow us to be far more creative in finding new and better ways to fulfil and surpass the expectations.

Today, Safemaster is at the forefront of the Height Safety industry for the commercial, industrial and domestic markets. Due to our highest commitment to the industry, we have gained trust of many organisations as their preferred supplier and consultant in all areas of height safety, undertaking some of the most challenging and iconic projects in Australia.