Height Safety Rescue Equipment

Working at heights is considered a high-risk and hazardous activity because a fall from such a height can result in serious injury or death. Having a rescue strategy or plan in place to safely retrieve a person who has fallen from heights is crucial for worker and workplace safety and compliance. Proper training and safety measures must be implemented and followed to mitigate the risk of accidents and injuries while working at heights. The rescue may include self-rescue or a mechanically aided rescue using fall rescue equipment such as a davit arm, rope and winch. 

Safemaster’s comprehensive selection of fall rescue and height safety equipment ensures the safety of your workforce. Our range of rescue gear is tailored to retrieve workers who are suspended in various types of job sites, including industrial, construction, mining, confined spaces, and any other situations where there is a risk of falling from heights. Below is more information on some of our most popular fall rescue kits and height safety rescue equipment. 

    • SPANSET GOTCHA™ Rescue Kit – Spanset’s range of rescue kits are designed for a casualty to be raised or lowered to safety.
    • MILLER Quick Pick Rescue Kit – Enables the rescuer to connect the rescue equipment to the suspended worker at a distance while remaining securely anchored. All necessary rescue components are contained in and included in a compact kit that does not need to be assembled.
    • MILLER Rescue Master – Designed to aid with rescue from confined spaces or other difficult to access areas. It comes in two options, a basic kit and a full kit. 
    • MILLER Escape Mater – this descendant device is fitted onto the side of an elevated working platform. The Escape Mater allows for quick descent in emergency situations.
    • ZERO Rescue Descent Kit – A piece of rescue equipment designed for retrieving a person who is suspended by descending, this equipment is simple and self-contained. 
    • Suspension Trauma – Intended to prevent the effects of suspension trauma while the worker is waiting to be rescued.

GOTCHA: SPANSET Gotcha™ Rescue Kit, 50m/75m/100m/125m/150m/200m

SPANSET Gotcha Rescue Kit
Best Seller
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The Gotcha™ Original was the first pre-assembled remote rescue kit. Designed for rescuing a suspen…

GOTCHA-CRD-RPX50-MP: SPANSET Gotcha™ CRD Rescue Kit with Pole & Frog, 50m/75m/100m/120m/150m

Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit with Pole & Frog
float(3760.654545) float(4136.72)

SPANSET Gotcha™ CRD rescue kit can be used for personal rescue, evacuation, and high/low anchor r…

GOTCHA-PTRC: SPANSET Gotcha Pole Top Rescue Kit c/w 30m Rope

gotcha pole top rescue kit
float(1082.609091) float(1190.87)

Gotcha Pole Top Rescue Kit is designed for rescuing a casualty suspended by work position and fal…

M1070039: MILLER QuickPick Rescue Kit 10m/15m/30m

miller quickpick rescue kit
float(2734.345455) float(3007.78)

Miller QuickPick Rescue Kit is designed for situations where a worker in a harness needs to be re…

RM-45MT: MILLER Rescue Master Kit, 45m

miller rescue master complete kit RM-45MT
float(1719.627273) float(1891.59)

RM-45MT MILLER Rescue Master Kit has been specifically designed for assisting with rescues from c…

M1030018: MILLER Escape Master Complete, 15m/20m/25m

miller escape master rescue kit
float(333.754545) float(367.13)

M1030018 MILLER Escape Master is a descent device which is fitted onto the side of an elevated wo…

AR-010: ZERO Rescue Descent Kit, 50m

zero rescue descent kit
float(1494) float(1643.4)

ZERO Rescue Descent Kit is an emergency evacuation and rescue unit designed to rescue/recover a p…

1007046: MILLER Evac Body Splint

miller evac body splint 1007046
float(2076.327273) float(2283.96)

1007046 MILLER Evac Body Splint is ideal for confined space evacuation. The Evac Body Splint beco…

ZTS-01: ZERO Suspension Trauma Strap- Pair

ZERO Suspension Trauma Strap- Pair ZTS-01
float(44) float(48.4)

ZERO suspension trauma safety strap helps prevent the effects of suspension trauma by prolonging …

SG238: SPANSET Suspension Trauma Relief Strap- Pair

SPANSET Suspension Trauma Relief Strap SG238
float(34.054545) float(37.46)

SPANSET Suspension Trauma Relief Strap is designed to aid in the prevention of suspension trauma …

ZC-2062: CAMP SAFETY Trauma Straps- Pair

suspension trauma straps
float(46) float(50.6)

Suspension trauma straps is designed to prevent the effects of suspension trauma while a worker i…