Rescue Equipment

GOTCHA: SPANSET Gotcha™ Rescue Kit, 50m/75m/100m/125m/150m/200m

SPANSET Gotcha Rescue Kit
Best Seller
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The Gotcha™ Original was the first pre-assembled remote rescue kit. Designed for rescuing a suspen…

GOTCHA-CRD-RPX50-MP: SPANSET Gotcha™ CRD Rescue Kit with Pole & Frog, 50m/75m/100m/120m/150m

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SPANSET Gotcha™ CRD rescue kit can be used for personal rescue, evacuation, and high/low anchor r…

GOTCHA-PTRC: SPANSET Gotcha Pole Top Rescue Kit c/w 30m Rope

gotcha pole top rescue kit
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Gotcha Pole Top Rescue Kit is designed for rescuing a casualty suspended by work position and fal…

M1070039: MILLER QuickPick Rescue Kit 10m/15m/25m/30m

miller quickpick rescue kit
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Miller QuickPick Rescue Kit is designed for situations where a worker in a harness needs to be re…

RM-45MT: MILLER Rescue Master Kit, 45m

miller rescue master complete kit RM-45MT
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RM-45MT MILLER Rescue Master Kit has been specifically designed for assisting with rescues from c…

M1030018: MILLER Escape Master Complete 15m, 20m, 25m

miller escape master rescue kit
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M1030018 MILLER Escape Master is a descent device which is fitted onto the side of an elevated wo…

AR-010: ZERO Rescue Descent Kit, 50m

zero rescue descent kit
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ZERO Rescue Descent Kit is an emergency evacuation and rescue unit designed to rescue/recover a p…

1007046: MILLER Evac Body Splint

miller evac body splint 1007046
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1007046 MILLER Evac Body Splint is ideal for confined space evacuation. The Evac Body Splint beco…

ZC-2062: CAMP SAFETY Trauma Straps- Pair

suspension trauma straps
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Suspension trauma straps is designed to prevent the effects of suspension trauma while a worker i…

SG238: SPANSET Suspension Trauma Relief Strap- Pair

SPANSET Suspension Trauma Relief Strap SG238
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SPANSET Suspension Trauma Relief Strap is designed to aid in the prevention of suspension trauma …