Safety Lanyards

Safety lanyards are a worker’s vital link to their fall protection anchor point. Some common type of lanyards are fall arrest lanyards, self-retracting lanyards (SRLs), work positioning lanyards and fall restraint lanyards, with different types of terminations/connections.

  • Fall Arrest Lanyards – The most common type due to their ease of use and clear fall indicator, if they have been deployed. Fall arrest lanyards are often 2 metres in length, with a shock absorber on harness end. In order to use this type of lanyard, a minimum 19.5′ of clearance is required for arresting a fall. Available in single or double legs options.
  • Fall Restraint Lanyards – Designed to keep the worker in place by removing the risk of falls with a shortened lanyard. Fall restraint lanyards are commonly used in boom lifts to avoid falling out of the cradle.
  • Work Positioning Lanyards – Provide support to the worker to allow hands free when work in a variety of situations. Work positioning lanyards are not designed to arrest a fall.

Lanyards are also made of various materials such as polyester webbing, cable and wire rope, to suit various work applications. For work around sharp edges, a wire rope lanyard or fall arrestor is recommended, as they offer exceptional strength, durability and flexibility. Fire retardant lanyards are most suitable for use when hot work is involved.

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ABM: ZERO Shock Absorber with Karabiners

shock absorber

Shock absorber with karabiners. For general fall arrest use. Maximum length deployment 1.4m.

PC-350/ABM: ZERO Cable Fall Arrester with Shock Absorber

cable fall arrester with shock absorber

ZERO wire cable fall arrester with shock absorber for use on 8mm vertical lifeline cable. In the …

ABM-T3: ZERO Single Webbing Lanyard with Snaphooks

fall arrest single lanyard

Fall arrest single lanyard in webbing material with snaphooks at both ends. Includes shock absorb…

ABM-T3E: Single Elasticated Lanyard with Snaphooks

single elasticated lanyard

Single Elasticated Lanyard is an essential fall protection item for any height safety works. ABM-…

ABM-T5E: ZERO Single Elasticated Lanyard with Snaphook & Scaffhook

single leg lanyard with scaffhook

An essential item for any height safety works. Elasticated/stretchable webbing lanyard with scaff…

ABM-TX3: ZERO Single Adjustable Webbing Lanyard with Snaphooks

adjustable lanyard

Adjustable lanyard is designed to remove the risk of falls with a shortened lanyard. Ideal for wo…

ABM-TX5: ZERO Single Adjustable Webbing Lanyard with Snaphook & Scaffoldhook

fall restraint lanyard

ABM-TX5 Adjustable lanyard is a fall restraint lanyard designed to remove the risk of falls with …

ABM-2T3E: ZERO Double Elasticated Lanyard with Snaphooks

twin legs lanyard

ABM-2T3E Double/twin lanyard is designed to ensure the worker is always attached at all times whi…

ABM-2T5E: ZERO Double Elasticated Lanyard with Snaphook & Scaffhooks

double legs lanyard
Best Seller

ABM-2T5E Double lanyard is a very popular elasticated webbing lanyard for the scaffolders, constr…

BW-260: ZERO Climbers Double Elasticated Lanyard with Snaphook & Scaffoldhooks

climbers lanyard 0.9m

Climbers lanyard with twin legs is designed for passing intermediate anchor points on fixed prote…

LB-121: ZERO Rope Fixed Lanyard, No Shock Absorber

rope fixed lanyard

Rope fixed lanyard is an universal safety lanyard, available in various lengths.

Work positi…

ABM-RL: ZERO Single Adjustable Rope Lanyard

single adjustable rope lanyard

An adjustable rope lanyard is an important item for any height safety kit. By adjusting the lengt…