Together We Create a Safer Australia

Fall from heights is one of the biggest causes of fatalities and serious injuries in Australia. It is a safety issue for all businesses whose employees need to operate at heights.

Acknowledging the need to put a safety system in place, Safemaster is honoured to work together with Thomas Building to design, supply and install roof access and fall protection systems for Matheson on Kearns Apartments, Ardross.

In this project, Safemaster has fitted a fired-rated retractable ladder inside the building with SPACEGATE hatch to allow safe access to roof areas. The retractable ladder provides a perfect solution as it can be folded inside the ceiling cavity without taking any floor space.

Approximately 42 meters of X-CELERATE horizontal static lines were installed around the perimeter of the roof edge to keep the workers safe for future maintenance tasks. For window cleaning on facades of the building, a series of abseil anchors were provided to enable safe access and practices.

The other installed height safety systems included X-ERT surfacemount anchors, SKYCLIMB parapet access ladder, and FALLNOT hatch guardrail kit.

All the installed equipment have been recorded in Safemaster’s Recertification programme to guarantee service reminders are sent out annually ensuring this equipment is inspected and maintained in accordance with the Australian Standards and WA State Legislation.

By fitting over 10,000 buildings with compliant fall prevention systems within Western Australia, Safemaster once again demonstrates unrivalled skills in height safety system design & engineering, manufacturing, installation and certifications.

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