Working at Heights

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Harness Fitting Guide

Nothing could be worse in safety than a false sense of security. The effectiveness of any harness not only depends on the correct matching of harness to activity, but also having the harness properly fitted. Most harnesses are designed to do a particular job such as EWP, construction, tower works, abseiling, welding, confined space and etc. Many injuries or even death can happen due to the improper fitting of safety harnesses. Comfort and perfect fit should take into consideration when ...
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A Team Mate Falls

One of the most overlooked areas of fall protection is probably the rescue plan. It's not uncommon to find many organisations have invested heavily in fall protection and prevention systems, but don't have a rescue and retrieval plan in place. A worker who has been suspended upright in harness can lose conscious due to suspension trauma. It can become deadly whenever a worker is suspended for durations of over five minutes. A rescue strategy or procedure must be planned in advance, to s...