A Team Mate Falls

height rescue kit

One of the most overlooked areas of fall protection is probably the rescue plan. It’s not uncommon to find many organisations have invested heavily in fall protection and prevention systems, but don’t have a rescue and retrieval plan in place.

A worker who has been suspended upright in harness can lose conscious due to suspension trauma. It can become deadly whenever a worker is suspended for durations of over five minutes.

A rescue strategy or procedure must be planned in advance, to safely retrieve a person who has fallen from an elevated work surface. The rescue may include self-rescue or a mechanically aided rescue using a davit arm or rope and winch. The rescue plan must be documented in detail and based on worksite specifications.

Rescue equipment should be readily available to all workers who work at heights, together with adequate training on how to use it.

The lack of any form of pre-conceived post-fall rescue plan not only puts the fall victim at risk but also puts rescuers at risk of harm. Whenever there are unplanned attempts to rescue, second or third injuries or fatalities may occur.

Safemaster can advise you on the most suitable rescue kits based on your work applications. We also supply a huge range of high quality personal protective equipment including harnesses, lanyards, self-retracting lifelines, and other height safety equipment.

Rescue planning is just as important to ensure the safety of workers as preventing a fall. It’s a legal responsibility to have a comprehensive rescue plan in place before undertaking any work at height.

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