How Safe Are your Roof Safety Systems?

One of the most important aspects of roof safety systems is to ensure that the products and installations are compliant and meet industry standards. However, a lack of knowledge and regulation specific to fall prevention, has placed workers at risk of serious injury every day.

Falls from height are still a primary killer in Australian workplace fatalities, even with the increased awareness of all aspects of roof safety equipment and solutions.

In accordance to Working At Heights Association, nearly half of roof anchors on Perth buildings are useless in the event of a fall and over 90% of ladders do not meet Australian Standard.

Previously compliant systems can be rendered unsafe or non-compliant due to numerous external environmental factors, including structural changes to the building, compromised building material or damaged height safety equipment.

Besides this, the competency of the system design, installation and certification is another compliance issue in the industry. Given that no qualifications are required to design or install a height safety system, and nobody is checking the capability of the installed system, it is no surprise that non-compliant systems are more the norm on Australia’s rooftops.

With constantly changing standards and legislation (Australian Standards, Code of Practice, Workplace Health & Safety), the only way you can rest assured that your system is compliant is to have it inspected by a professional height safety specialist.

Please be aware that Australian standards and WA state legislation also mandate the periodic inspection of fall prevention equipment. It is essential that your height safety system is approved and certified as being in complete working order.

Safemaster, a fully qualified height safety professional, not only ensure the system that we provide is compliant with the current legislation, but that it is safe to use. We also provide roof systems inspections on existing height safety systems to support your needs.

If you have any doubts regarding the compliance of your system, please feel free to contact our service team on (08) 6243 3111 or email to discuss your needs.


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