Safemaster’s Covid-19 Response

Safemaster is extremely aware that we have now entered a very challenging and unprecedented time of the rapidly evolving Covid-19 crisis. As a safety company by its core, Safemaster has always existed to ensure our employees, contractors, customers and visitors (as well as their families and friends) remain safe, and this has never been truer than today as we continue providing you with our highest levels of service and support during these uncertain times.

As we remain fully operational for business, we want to assure you of a series of measures that we are taking to keep you, your people and your communities safe when engaging in business with us.

For all our employees

  • We require that all our employees who are experiencing signs of being unwell or have been exposed to confirmed or suspected Covid-19 cases do not attend work
  • All our employees have been instructed to practice high personal hygiene practices such as regular handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes with elbow or a tissue, avoid touching their face, etc
  • Increasing cleaning and disinfection of high traffic areas or shared surfaces in our office
  • Some of our employees who are not directly involved with site work are now working from home. We are working hard to ensure that we are still providing you as close to a ‘Business as usual’ customer service as possible
  • Restricting non-essential interactions at external offices, our employees have been advised to use merged phone calls, video conferencing and other alternative measure to conduct meeting with our clients
  • The use of the lunchroom is staggered among our employees
  • We have ceased non-critical travel, and rolled out 1.5 metres physical distancing at workplace
  • All shipping documents (paper and electronic) will be signed using our own stationery
  • Display signs and posters in prominent locations on our premises such as lunchroom, toilets and door entrances to remind our employees, customers and others of the risks of Covid-19 and the measures that are necessary to stop its spread
  • Our WHS officers are constantly observing the activities of our employees to ensure these rules and guidelines are followed

For our employees working on site (height safety installers and inspectors)

  • We have adopted and implemented safety measures and policies to address the Covid-19 as part of our Work Health and Safety (WHS) plan
  • Site work is rescheduled and stretched over a longer duration to reduce the number of our workers on site at any one time
  • We have minimised the interactions between our workers with other persons at the site by encouraging the use of other methods such as mobile phone to communicate
  • Our workers are instructed to practice safe physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres while they are on site. If this is not possible, PPE equipment is encouraged and the length of time spent in close proximity is to be reduced
  • Minimise the use of shared tools among our workers. If this is not possible, we require our employees to clean and sanitise the tools before use between workers
  • Prior to attending site, we are requesting our clients to inform us if there has been a confirmed case of Covid-19 at their business location
  • A daily log is maintained of our worker’s movements to assist with contact tracing if required

For our customers/visitors

  • We have installed hand sanitizing stations around our premises. We encourage our customers and visitors to use these facilities
  • We are restricting anyone who has flu symptoms or has been exposed to confirmed or suspected Covid-19 cases from entering our premises
  • We have limited all non-critical visitors from visiting our premises
  • Our visitors are required to complete a declaration form when visiting our premise, declaring they are not in any risks of contacting the Covid-19
  • Our employees are to keep a physical distancing of 1.5 metres while interacting with our customers or visitors
  • Encourage all our customers to place their order online, or via email if the items that they require are not available for online purchase

These measures have been developed with the best information available from the World Health Organisation, Australian Government and Australian Health department. They are not all encompassing and may need to be tailored and updated as the Covid-19 pandemic evolves.

Given the everchanging environment, we will continue to update you as required of any changes to our business operations outside of our control that may impact our products and services.

If you have any questions, please contact Safemaster’s health and safety representatives team on (08) 6243 3111

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