At what height do you need fall protection system?


As stated in OSH Regulations, if any personnel or contractors are at risk of falling 2 metres or more from a flat edge such as scaffold, stair, landing and etc, then you will need “edge protection” in place. However, if the personnel are working apart from a flat edge such as roof, roof truss and ladder, then only 3 metres and above is required edge protection.

Handrails and scaffold are commonly installed across roof areas as an edge protection. However, these may not be feasible to implement sometime due to the building structure or budget constraint. Therefore, other systems such as anchorage and static lifeline are introduced which will hold the personnel in the event of a fall.

The most effective way to protect workers from the risk of falling is to eliminate the need to work at height. This can be achieved either by eliminate the need to work above the ground or to provide a solid elevated construction from which the work can be performed safely.

If it is not possible to achieve this, the risk of a fall must be minimised through the application of control measures further down on the Hierarchy of Control. This means considering the use of fall arrest or restraint system.

hierarchy of control
hierarchy of control

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