Revolutionary PROLANE Platform Solutions for Midland Gate Shopping Centre Redevelopment

midland gate shopping centre prolane plant platform

PROLANE SERIES work platform continues to be the renowned platform solution for commercial and industrial applications due to its innovative, economical and practical design and implementation.

An outstanding example is the recently completed project at Midland Gate Shopping Centre Redevelopment that demonstrated Safemaster’s unique strength in design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of a series of PROLANE plant platforms.

A series of PROLANE plant platforms were custom designed and installed, ranging from overall size of 5x5m to 7x7m to support the mechanical plant and equipment at Midland Gate Shopping Centre Redevelopment. The stylish platforms include non-slip aluminium grating and guardrail to all sides of the platform for greater safety and security, complete with step ladder and self-closing gate at the access point.

With all the components constructed from strong and lightweight aluminium, the PROLANE plant platform can be adapted to any roofing profile by offering a maintenance-free and low-cost solution.  With the commissioning of PROLANE plant platforms, the risk of damage caused by foot traffic can be reduced, along with providing the workers safe access during maintenance activities.

midland gate shopping centre height safety

In addition to the PROLANE plant platforms, Safemaster also provided the X-ERT anchorage system to protect workers in the event of a fall, along with other roof access systems such as the SPACEGATE access hatch, SKYCLIMB modular & step ladders and SLIPNOT aluminium walkway.

Commenting on the project, the project manager Rob Quartermaine said, “the project has demonstrated Safemaster’s ability to produce innovative platform solutions while being creative and finding new and better ways to fulfil and exceed client expectations.”

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