Work at Heights Safely & with Total Confidence

Waterhall Shopping Centre

Waterhall Shopping Centre is a brand new retail development located in South Guildford, consisting of IGA supermarket, speciality stores, medical centre and community tenancy. Recognising the existing heritage surrounds, the development of Waterhall Shopping Centre uses traditional brick construction and architecture in a contemporary way. The building is six metres high, which spells potential danger for personnel working on the roof level.

With the combination of over 20 years work-at-heights experience, and industry knowledge, Safemaster was proudly appointed by FOCUS Building Company to provide a complete height safety package for the Centre.

Through an in-depth risk assessment, it became clear to Safemaster that an elimination risk control strategy was not practical for Waterhall Shopping Centre, as future maintenance and repairs to the building were inevitable.

Waterhall Shopping Centre

A combination of fall protection and access systems were introduced, which included fixed ladders for access between roof levels, and hatches for gaining access to roof areas. Anchorages were installed to arrest falls, and walkway systems to establish a safe walking path, as well as protect the roof sheeting from unnecessary damage.

To address the needs for access to HVAC systems, a PROLANE platform with 2.5kpa load rating was custom-designed and engineered to fix around the existing air-conditioning units and other obstructions.

Safemaster’s comprehensive services for the Waterhall Shopping Centre are inclusive of initial design through to manufacture and installation, with an on-going program for recertification, to ensure the installed systems were maintain compliance and fit for purpose.

With our comprehensive workshop facilities and in-house engineer, Safemaster is able to offer the safest, most reliable and cost effective height safety solutions.

Falls from height are completely preventable. With the height safety system in place, personnel are now assured to work with total confidence, and feel safe during on-going roof maintenance tasks.

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