Who Do You Count On For Safety?

safety campaign who do you count on for safety

Working at heights remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and serious injuries in Australia. We raise the challenge that no workers should work in an unsafe environment, and no death or injury is acceptable.

When it comes to safety, you need practical solutions with the right equipment that simply work, day in and day out, without fail.

The challenge is who do you count on when it comes to safety?

Check out our campaign video here, featuring our commitment in the height safety industry for over two decades.



Safemaster continues to build on the mission to keep Australians safe when working at heights. Discuss with us about your height safety issues.

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Find out your obligations as a business owner/ property manager/ builder/ architect for workplace safety. A fall constitutes a place where a person could be injured if they fell from one level to another, but at what height? Find out more. It is imperative that the systems being installed are not only safe and practical, but compliant to all the relevant standards, codes of practice and building codes of Australia. Find out more.



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