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MILLER Söll MultiRail Horizontal Guided Rail System

Söll MultiRail Horizontal Guided Rail System offers the highest level of fall protection along the entire fall risk area. It allows installation at foot level, wall or overhead with three different types of gliders to suit any application. Available in high quality stainless steel to suit the toughest environmental conditions, as well as aluminium option to provide the best economical and aesthetic solution for low-corrosive work environments.

Söll MultiRail provides fall protection for up to 6 workers simultaneously across a maximum span of 6m, depending on the rail configuration. If a fall occurs, the system ensures that structural damage is prevented through energy absorption by the several intermediate brackets and the end-fixing devices.

  • Easy to install with minimal components
  • A floating rail design allows for thermal expansion and minimum impact transmission to the structure in the event of a fall
  • Pre-constructed corner sections allow the system to be easily customised to a structure
  • Can also be installed sideways for use as a handrail

Four different runners ensure smooth movement of the worker along the rail: closed runner for frequent use of the same rail, openable runner for flexible use on several rail systems, wheeled runner for overhead applications and a lockable runner for working situations where the shuttle should not move.

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