ZERO Personal Protection Equipment

PK-0006: ZERO Super Strong D Karabiner, 50kN

super strong D karabiner

The ZERO super strong D karabiner is a screw lock gate karabiner with extreme strength rating, 50…

N-256G-TR: High-Strength Steel Karabiner, Triple Locking, 45kN

high-strength steel karabiner

High-strength steel karabiner triple locking is made of alloy steel with heat treated, guaranteei…

PJ-691: CAMP SAFETY Quicklink D Shape 10mm

quicklink d shape

CAMP SAFETY Quicklink D Shape is for semi-permanent fixings (when closed with a wrench) to anchor…

PJ-507: ZERO Oval Quick Link

oval quick link

ZERO Oval quick link is ideal for setting up rappels, equipping anchors and fixing quickdraws.

HGA602: Safemaster® Harness Gear Backpack

harness gear backpack

Safemaster® harness gear backpack is designed for easy hands-free carrying of height safety PPE w…

HGA601: Safemaster® Lightweight Harness Gear Backpack

harness backpack

Safemaster® Lightweight backpack is designed for easy hands-free carrying of height safety PPE wh…

ZC-2062: CAMP SAFETY Trauma Straps- Pair

suspension trauma straps

Suspension trauma straps is designed to prevent the effects of suspension trauma while a worker i…

AY-002: Hand Tool Lanyard Elasticated

hand tool lanyard

Hand tool lanyard is lightweight elasticated webbing designed to allow workers keeping their tool…

AY-003: Retractable Tool Lanyard

retractable tool lanyard

Retractable tool lanyard/holder is designed to control and prevent dropping tool, ideal for worki…

EMPYT: PROCHOICE Python Earmuffs

prochoice python earmuffs empyt

PROCHOICE Python Earmuffs have a contemporary slimline design with padded foam headband and a low…

HBEPA: PROBAND Fixed Headband Earplugs

proband fixed headband earplugs

PROBAND Fixed Headband Earplugs is the highest level of hearing protection for a headband earplug…

HMTPM: PROCHOICE Maxi Mask 2000 Half Mask Respirator

prochoice maxi mask 2000 half mask respirator
Reduced Price

PROCHOICE Maxi Mask 2000 Half Mask Respirator with fully adjustable four point cradle suspension …