ZERO Personal Protection Equipment

MAN/WIN: MILLER Manhandlerâ„¢ Winch

miller manhandler winch

The MILLER ManHandlerâ„¢ Winch is the perfect solution for a range of applications including confin…

CP105: MILLER Pulley Block

miller pulley block for tripods

The MILLER Pulley Block Assembly for use with MILLER Tripods (7 to 9 ft) accommodates up to 6.3mm…

N-621: Cable Rope Grab with Eye

cable rope grab

Cable rope grab move easily up and down vertical lifelines to provide continuous fall protection….

N-3032: Double Action Snap Hook

double action snap hook

Double action snap hook is made of forged steel material to ensure high strength and durability i…

PJ-596: ZERO Chrome Plated Scaffhook

chrome plated scaffold hook

ZERO Scaffold hook is made of high tensile steel with chrome plated, designed for quick attachmen…

PJ-501: ZERO Screw Gate Oval Karabiner, 25kN

screw gate oval karabiner

The ZERO screw-gate karabiner is designed as a primary connection point from any fall arrest devi…

PJ-501T: ZERO Triple Lock Oval Karabiner, 25kN

triple lock karabiner

The ZERO triple lock oval karabiner is designed as a primary connection point from any fall arres…

N244-G: Steel Karabiner, Triple Locking, 25kN

steel karabiner

Steel karabiner is used as connecting elements for different segments of a personal fall arrest s…

N-284-TR: Aluminium Karabiner, Triple Locking, 23kN

aluminium karabiner

Aluminium karabiner is a lightweight yet strong karabiner, designed to connect tools or anchorage…

PK-0005: ZERO Black Plated High Strength D Karabiner, 50kN

black plated high strength D karabiner

The ZERO black plated high strength D karabiner with screw lock gate.

Screw lock gate karabi…

PK-0006: ZERO Super Strong D Karabiner, 50kN

super strong D karabiner

The ZERO super strong D karabiner is a screw lock gate karabiner with extreme strength rating, 50…

N-256G-TR: High-Strength Steel Karabiner, Triple Locking, 45kN

high-strength steel karabiner

High-strength steel karabiner triple locking is made of alloy steel with heat treated, guaranteei…